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Feeling ‘Stuck’ In The Heartland Of America?

We do a significant amount of work with clients in the agricultural sector: owners and farmers whose names have been tied to their land for generations. Farming constitutes a critical segment of the economy, yet it’s never been as difficult as it is today to make a living as a farmer.

Do You Feel ‘Land Rich’ But ‘Cash Poor?’

Many farmers feel strapped by land that has increased in value but is difficult to liquidate

“What tugs at our hearts is how hard American farmers work, and yet how they struggle to retire and pass the farm to the next generation."


Do Your Children Want To Follow In Your Footsteps?

Many farmers have children who choose to leave agriculture, which poses potential problems for transfer of assets to the next generation; those who do have successors sometimes struggle with how to transfer it fairly

Do You Know How Much You Will Owe In Estate Taxes?

Many farmers are unaware of the potentially disastrous tax ramifications of increasing land values. Doing nothing is not the answer

Putting Our Hearts And Minds To Work For You

Not only do we have specialty knowledge about the unique challenges faced by individuals in the farming sector, several of our team members hail from farming backgrounds.