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Shouldn’t your financial decisions align with your values?


Our Wichita-based financial consulting firm will help you realize goals that make financial sense and are in line with the way you lead your life. We want you to be able to lead an inspired financial lifestyle and to create a fruitful legacy for your family, business, and community through our process we call ‘Lifestyle to Legacy’

Family Business

As the founding members of the Kansas Family Business Forum, we know a thing or two about family business.


Farmers need our help! We understand the specific tax, estate, and succession planning challenges you face as a farm operator or land owner.


The demands of a career in healthcare can leave your own financial needs largely neglected. Whether you are starting out, or already in practice.


How do you endow your cause in order to ensure its viability for the long term? Enlist our planned giving team.

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Comprehensive Financial Consulting

Estate Planning and Analysis

Income Protection

Donor Development

Succession Planning

Tax Efficiency Strategies